Hocine Sidi Said has the remarkable ability to lead his team to achieve exceptional growth. He inspired innovative ideas and infused positive energies at all levels of Pfizer. He is a capable business leader and a visionary who has changed the way business was conducted in Pfizer. As a young joinee, no one could have believed that he would gradually lead to the phenomenal growth of the company. The success led the company to growth and brand recognition in countries like Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe and Asia.

The last time he worked for the Emerging Markets region in the UCB, the Union Chimique Belge, he was the senior vice president and was responsible for the acceleration of growth in Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

At UCB, Hocine Sidi Said achieved an almost impossible feat of doubling revenues in just three years.
Hocine Sidi Said had broken the record for Pfizer similarly when it reached the 3rd position from the 12th in Indonesia and this also in a record time of three years. It is this same ability to promote change in the growth and getting fruitful results that saw him rising from the position of a management trainee to become the CEO of Pfizer in less than a decade.

Hocine Sidi Said joined Pfizer in 1986 after completing his MBA from Schiller International University in Paris and holds a degree in Business Administration Management Institute Franco-American in Paris.

Hocine Sidi Said also came to occupy the post of Managing Director in India, Indonesia and Denmark for Pfizer. During his tenure, Hocine Sidi Said managed the closure of four manufacturing plants and the delisting of a commercial company.

The legal merger of three highly successful companies like Pfizer, Parke-Davis and Pharmacia India was one of the most significant milestones of his career. Hocine Sidi Said became successful in every situation possible to bring about a favorable environment for the company. He was involved in every step of the way in his career to carry out not only the desired results, but also established records. This is the vision that saw the increasing scale of Pfizer and UCB as well. Corporate Finance team of Pfizer was especially highly appreciative of Hocine Sidi Said and earned their respect for his effective leadership.

Hocine Sidi Said a resident of the UAE owns a company called Bio-nAbler, a consulting firm that identifies and implements the procurement of products and companies.

Hocine Sidi Said is now a successful businessman who provides the resources needed for the knowledge of others. He is an accomplished human being who has also contributed to the cause of welfare and taken initiatives too. Again and again he has observed and showed concern for access to health care in regions like Africa and the Subcontinent and feels that much can be done better in these regions.

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